Update a company

You can update an existing company


Request Path Parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
org_id number Yes The unique identifier of your organization
id number Yes The unique identifier of the company


Request Body Parameter
Attribute Type Required Description
company_name string Yes The name of the company
phone_number string No Company phone number
city string No
state string No
postal_code string No
description string No
linked_in_company_page string No
company_industry string No The industry that this company operates in.

Example Request & Response

$ curl https://api.custerem.com/<org_id>/companies/<id>/ \
-X PUT \
-H 'Authorization: X-API-KEY <Your API Key>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
    "company_name": "Custerem",
    "phone_number": "+46",
    "city": "Helsingborg",
    "state": "Skåne",
    "postal_code": "11111",
    "description": "Simple, fast and powerful cloud CRM",
    "linked_in_company_page": "https://linkedin.com/",
    "company_industry": "Manufacturing"


204 No Content

    "message": "Company Custerem updated successfully"


400 Bad Request

    "company_name": [
        "This field may not be blank."
    "status_code": 400


    "status_code": 404,
    "message": "Company with id 33 not found"