April 14, 2022

Start using Custerem Events API

What is an Event?

An event is any action associated with a user, and understanding how visitors and customers use your product is important because the data it provides helps you optimize your website for conversion, which means more actions you're trying to generate e.g. more orders, more leads. The data helps you understand your customers and users.

Creating Events

The first thing to do is to generate API key, which you can do under Settings & Members. Now we can use the API key to call the Custerem Contact Events endpoint to create new events. Now that we have our API key, we can now create a Contact in Custerem using the APP or the API.

Create Contact in Custerem

The contacts events API URL is the following:<org_id>/contacts/<id>/events/

The org_id is the identifier of your organization and ID is the unique identifier of the contact, the API URL for the newly created contact can be found by navigating to the detail view of the contact and click on the menu and copy the events API URL.

Custerem Contact Event API Url

Replace the API URL with the one you copied:

$ curl<org_id>/contacts/<id>/events/ \
-H 'Authorization: X-API-KEY <Your API Key>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
    "event_name": "invitation",
    "custom_attributes": {
        "invited_user": "12232"

That's it, you should now see the event in the dashboard under Contacts detail view.

Custerem Contact Event Dashboard

The Custerem Event API Documentation can be found here: or contact us for more information.

Hayri Cicek