April 24, 2022

Start using Custerem Custom Company Events API

Last time we wrote about how to get started using Contact Events and generate an API key, the blog post can be found here Start using Custerem Events API

Custerem Company Events

The company events API url is the following:<org_id>/companies/<id>/events/

The org_id is the identifier of your organization and id is the unique identifier of the company. The API url for the company can be found by navigating to the detail view of the company and click menu and copy the events API url.

Custerem Company Event API Url

Replace the API url with the one you copied:

$ curl<org_id>/companies/<id>/events/ \
-H 'Authorization: X-API-KEY <Your API Key>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
    "event_name": "invitation",
    "custom_attributes": {
        "invited_user": "12232"

That's it, you should now see the event in the dashboard under Company detail view.

Custerem Company Event Dashboard

The API documentation for Company Events API can be found here:

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Hayri Cicek